Friday, 16 January 2015

Star Lamp & New poll

Hello! :D
I sort of guessed that today's item will also be space-related.
Guess what?
This is the star lamp, a lamp which finally matches it's name.
Well, not exactly but it's better than the previous ones . . right? o.o
But the sun is a star anyway. What's the difference? 
You can even turn it yellow and boom, it's suddenly the sun. You can turn the sun lamp blue and boom, it's suddenly a star. *sigh* these items are confusing . . ;-;
Moving onto another subject, the fruit bowl is leaving. :c
Well, i just made that more dramatic than it should have been.
Moving on, i noticed it's sort of disappointing that most of the lands are "abandoned"
The only actually popular lands are Jamaa Township and Coral canyons. There might be a few jammers on the others, but it's usually not much. Some lands, like the underwater ones, Kimbara and the Appondle and completly abandoned. :c
And AJHQ probably put alot of work on each of these lands, so i posted this to say that we should all spend a bit more time in the less popular lands. ^-^
Anyways, AJHQ has made an amazing new poll! :D
So you just say what about 2014 was your favorite! :3
I think 2014 was a great year of AJ, with tons of new stuff. ^.^
But they released far too much new pets and animals. To the point where it wasn't exciting anymore. *sigh*
And there where other bad stuff too. Like there where no nonmember animals at all this year.
All where diamond shop, and that was very unfair. :c
Here's the QOTP now. :D
What do you think about 2014?
Anyways, that's all for now! 
bye. :P


  1. Aww man, au revoir fruit bowl! ^-^ French ....xD Anyways, staying at home...and I'd better buy LOTS of those fruity bowls...Thx AJ!


  2. 2014 was crazy. I agree that they had WAY TOO MUCH animals/pets and also 2014 had to much leaks. That wasn't fun. My most favorite parts of the year was: Den sets voting, Holiday adventures, and new parties.

  3. the star lamp is kind cool . but the fruit bowl going away? not cool i have to buy 50,000 of those ..... brb XD i think i like the eagle best i am saving up for 1 only 5 more diamonds to go! XD and yeah 2014 was WOW i mean save some animals for next year ! to many leaks ... like the TBA one I GOT A BETA KOALA PLUSH XDDD i mean AJ WAS GIVING AWAY BETAS!!!!!!!! it was fun but so hard!!! lol well TODAY MY BDAY YAY!!!!1 I AM 11!!!!!!! WHOOO anyway totally off subject... lol well have a great day and THX CloudClaws!

  4. longest post here i have way to much time...... XD

  5. hey cutepup i saw your comment on the other page THANK YOU btw if you want to be buddies i am petz52luv ;D hava nice day!

    1. Yeah, I think I have a few buddy slots open. So sure. Buddies? :3
      Oh and you're welcome. ^-^


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