Friday, 9 January 2015


Hello! ^^
I just went back from the Bounce House party and my arctic wolf was still jumping. XD
The new item is the mowhawk. c:
Have you ever liked an item and sort of disliked it at the same time?
A bit too "human" because, like i said in the previous posts,
Animals Don't Have Hair.
Except for horses and zebras and stuff. x3

But most have fur. ^-^
For some reason, i call body hair "fur."
Because what's the difference anyway? :P
They look so amazing on foxes like most of us know. :D
Has anyone noticed how animals look more "3D" than before?
Credit goes to whoever took this.
The one above looks more cartoony and the shadows are visible. I actually sort of miss the old ones, but 3D looks so . . um, 3D. XD
I guess the old avatars where in "beta" back then? :3
But when your animal is running about, it still looks 2D
And i hope they keep it that way, because 3D would look odd. o.o
Anyways, i solved the puzzle as well. :P
But have you seen any clues in Jamaa if this animal will be nonmember or not?
I think nonmembers deserve a new animal. There hasn't been one for one year, and that's crazy. o.O
Or, at least AJHQ can make a member animal nonmember, like they did with turtles.

It's QOTP day again. XD
Do you think AJHQ is going to make the owls nonmember, member or diamond shop?
And the 2nd question . . 
What entirely new feature should AJHQ come up with?
Not adventures, new items, new animals or new lands but something 100% new! :D 
Bye for now. ^-^


  1. How about a "clear" button for our animal? xP They used to have it in the beta days c: WHAT THE marshmallow snowman just came and is leaving so soon!? Very crazy AJ...mohawk, na. Not my style ^-^


    1. First comment, eh? I wonder why I now type so much

    2. Agreed, a nice little button :D

  2. This Blog Is Sort Of Underrrated

  3. Oh my gosh
    I really wish that the owl will be nonmember o.o
    When did they release a nonmember animal last time?

  4. Well, if they made the owls nonmember, there would be so much owls/eagles that people below them cannot see the sun (if there is one) Also for the next question, on the play wild beta, they made everything 3d. (sorta looks like MineCraft). One weird example is that when you get an animal on it.. some of the moves are different. So if they combine Animal Jam and Play Wild one day.. There will be different things than others.. So maybe AJHQ will totally turn Animal Jam into Play Wild so its the same.. And there won't be chaos.

  5. The owl is prob. going to be diamond ,as it is new animal but i think they should make the fox or artic wolf nm that would be AWESOME. as for new item ... to me awesome= food they should bring food into animal jam as like added bounus like it would give you more hearts for adventures. but that is just me well THX CloudClaws !

  6. I wish owls are nm, but I think AJHQ will, sadly, put them in Diamond Shop :(

  7. Hehe. X'D

    The shadows on the red bunny look odd. o.o

    I think owls will be members only and in the Diamond Shop because that's AJHQ in a nutshell. *eats pistachio X3*

  8. Mohawks sure look funny, except in real life. They're freaky. o.o

    The 3D look looks better because you can see the colours and the items on your animal clearly. The old one shows the pixels a lot more which can be difficult to see small details on the animal. I still miss the old graphics.

    Ppfft. The answer is easy. It's like what AJHQ always does.

    1. Stamp a MEMBER icon on the owl.

    2. Sell the owl for 10 diamonds.

    3. Anger anyone who can't afford an owl.

    It's pretty obvious on what AJHQ will do with the owl.


    1. you beat me to the list of what AJHQ does.... lol

  9. the diamond shop duh, i'm not getting my hopes up



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