Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Knitted Hat

Hello jammers!
So what do you think about the new blog template? Should i keep it like this or change it back to the old one? c:
And if you haven't seen, im gonna do the Monthly Nonmember again! :D
But this time, there will be no den ideas. It'll be clothing ideas instead! ^.^
New item ish 
where is it 
o it's in Mt. Shiveer. :3
But wait.
It Has No New Sign. What If This Isn't The New Item.
am i annoying you by using all those caps? :o
But i love dis items it's so cute :3

random XD
I wonder what else i should post about?
I have no idea :c

 why do i keep logging out when im about to go to the daily explorer

fish animated GIF  
I haven't watched the video, but i think it's very cold.
Since swimming in slightly cold weather (Like when there's a cool breeze in the air or stuff) is enough to make the water colder than you would prefer. Or at least for me. XD


  1. The knitted hat returned xD It's cold for me today. Meh. :I And the new blog template is pawsome! ( though I saw it yesterday xP )

    Cute cat ^-^


  2. Omg animal jam forgets a lot of things... Also that random cat make me laugh a little! btw do you do monthly nonmember everyday or every week or what... I like the ideas though!

    1. I do them monthly . . as the name suggests :P

  3. Thx CloudClaws ! BTW add more stuff to Fun Stuff? Plz? :DDDDD

  4. Can we somehow send pics (of course, about AJ) to you, Cloudclaws ^-^

    1. If you noticed a glitch or anything that i missed, then of course. :3

  5. Yes :D Keep the template :D


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