Friday, 23 January 2015

Rare Item Thursday?!

hello guys. :3
have ya heard about rare item Thursday
so awesome :D
I seem to have deleted the screenshot.
Good thing i brought it. c:<
Why Thursday? Did someone hack into AJ
Did an AJHQ worker release it by accident?
And when will this annoying sound effect stop?

so many questions.
but anyways . . 
rating time yay :D
Colors: 4/5
Creativity: 2/5
Price: not sure about it but it's recycled for eight hundred - something gems so it's a 2/5

lets just give it 0.00000000000000000000005 out of 15 to make it for exciting. :3
nahh it ain't that bad.
Anyways, there's a bunch of new items in Jam-Mart. :D
omg the heart mat is so cute
and furry
and the crystals are so pink
everything is so pink
Also, may i ask how does a rose perfectly balance a heavy glass sheet on it's head?
game logic 
Also, there's a rose tiara sold in Jam-Mart clothing. :3
So pretty c:
the roses look so 3D :O
Have you seen the new friendship Jam-A-Grams?

I love the humingbird one. :3
Do you think pet hummingbirds will be coming back?
Anyways, i have to go like, RIGHT NOWW
so bye. :D


  1. Ikr, the hummingbirds are soooo cute! x3 P.A. Day :D No school and I finished my homework and FINALLY improved on long division xD


  2. SECONDIE XDDD LOVE THE STUFF (get it "love"??) (bad pun for valentines day i get it

  3. i like the artic and penguin together beutiful XDD ugh i dont like pink usally the only time i do is when i am getting a chocolate box full of chocoltes and even then i dont notice the package...... THX CLOUDCLAWS! and that purse i belive was 850 gems as i bought a few yesterday XDD see ya later cloudsie clawsie : SPECIAL OFFER FOR CLOUDCLAWS ONLY :if you need a purse i have a few in my bcup account :) MESSAGE OVER XDD BYEEEE HAPPY JAMMING!!

    1. I dont think shes cloud claws... is she? Im pretty sure its bunny02206...

  4. Pink stone thing is awesome.
    I need it.
    *Runs to buy*
    Oh... I think someone ate my gems xD

  5. one more thing i think da purse should get a better rating than that i mean the brought a beta back in a better color!! XD ok well gtg bye!

  6. Where is the rare item I wanna buy it?

    1. the rare item is out of stores now but i think it was 3rd page going backward in jamaa clothing

  7. Last time I checked, hummingbirds are in store!

  8. The purse is glitched btw. I bought it, went back maybe 4 hours later to buy it for a friend searched the whole store BOOM It's gone!! GLITCHEDDDDDDDDD Im lucky i got it though :3

    1. Btw if you wanna buddy me its the same name as my name on here :D


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