Monday, 5 January 2015

Rare Deer Antlers

Hello! c:
This is probably the latest post i have ever written. -.-
Anyways, the new item is . . 
I mean, *cough* The RIM is the Rare deer antlers which are sold in somepage of Jam-Mart-Clothing. c:
(just flip the pages rapidly to find it :T)
Just an over-priced, recolored version of the original. How exciting. :I
Nice color though. :3
It looks sort of blue.
Anyways, time for rating time! :D
Color: 3/5
Creativity: 2/5
Price: 1/5
6 out of 15. Which means it's just "meh."
Anyways, im thinking about doing some new stuff to the blog.
Like an entirely new design, so don't freak out if the blog looks weird because that means im just testing out different styles. XD
If none work, then im gonna do the old design. :T
And also, that tutorial on how to do signatures like yoyo5 suggested. :3
AND, you know about the Monthly Nonmember?
Im thinking about posting monthly nm stuff on it again! :D
But no, not den items. This time i'll be posting clothing ideas. ^.^
So here goes our first one of 2015 . . 
Pink Gingerbread
Made entirely of Jamaaliday Gifts! :D
(except for the pinecone necklace)
If this seems too girly for you, you can try different colors like blue. :P
Here are the items you'll need:
Gingerbread hat (Jamaaliday gift)
Gingerbread wings (Jamaaliday gift)
Pinecone necklace (Jam-Mart clothing)
Body (main) color:

Second color:


I hope you enjoyed dat. :3
Anyways, i better get started on the new blog design now. :P
(it might not change though.)


  1. xD I thought you wouldn't post today ^-^ very expensive rare, I'll buy it later :P Back to stress...and homework [obviously]


    1. Cool nm costume btw and that was the first comment ^.^

  2. New blog look idea sounds great! ^.^
    Yay, nonmember ideas are back! (Which are also great! :P)
    Ooh, a tutorial! ^-^

  3. I can't believe I have over 100 comments =^-^=


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