Friday, 24 January 2014

Eagles are coming to Jamaa?

Hey jammers! Yesterday was update day, but lets start of with the new item, the Pet Cabin in Jam-mart furniture. ^.^
I really like this item, its so cute. <3
It looks so nice and toasty inside, i wish there was a building like this on AJ. :D
With all these pet items, perhaps you could make a little pet town? :3
Yesterday's new item was the Starfish, sold in Sunken treasures.
Credit to the Animal Jam Roar
Its cool how you can change the type of starfish, a fantastic new item for any underwater den! ^.^
Now for the update. :3
 Yay! :D Now everyone can buy their favorite dens more easily. ^_^
And yes, Cosmo's den is now on sale for 3 diamonds! :D
They had something similar called Hatapalooza, i wonder if they will make more of these types of sales...
The base camp has changed back to normal, yay! ^.^
And its cool that the adventures are also on the World Map, a much more easier and quicker way. C:
And friendship festival is almost here. ^.^
 I think the new button suits the epic dens better, but i've been thinking a bamboo hut as a den would be cool, they should name it Liza's den. :P
A new animal is almost here! :O
If you spell the capital letters downwards, it spells EAGLES.
Yay! ^.^ Birds are finally coming to Jamaa! :D
We have some good news, the Deer Shaman is here!
Welcome to Jamaa, Sigurd. ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. I am so excited for eagles cloudclaws

  2. The bamboo hut is a cool idea!

  3. I went on an adventure yesterday, and it was totally redecorated. the phantom door was one of the first things you saw, it was weird.

  4. Hey Cloudclaws, I discovered a new AJ affiliated site. Visit my blog for more info.

  5. Cloudcalws!! I became member today! (P.S. I'd really appriceate it is you buddied me!!)



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