Friday, 10 January 2014


Hey jammers! Sorry i didn't post yesterday, i had to go and get my eyes checked again.
I was expecting that i had to get a new pair of glasses only to see the board, but the doctor said i had to wear them ALL the time so my vision actually got better.
I was kinda upset that i had to wear them all the time, but oh well.
Meanwhile, the update is finally here! ^_^
Pet owls have returned! :3 Now everyone can buy a pet owl for the price of 3 diamonds in the Diamond Shop. C:  They're one of my favorite pets, don't you think there should be Snow Leopard and Cheetah pets too?
Greely's inferno is also now in hard mode!
Ooh, i wonder what the new prizes are. :3
I think its unfair that AJHQ scammed us again by putting the ice armor in the diamond shop. >.<
Well, at least everyone can get them now..
AJHQ seems to have upgraded the statue too. :3
but i think it looks WAY too much like a real cheetah, i mean it would be better if it looked more like a statue. :P
A good thing is that the Ice Fort Den has returned to the Den Depot! ^.^
I actually thought it was in the Diamond Shop for a while. XD
I love the snow fort den, its purrfect for winter! :3
(yes, i know perfect is spelled wrong, but i like to spell it that way. :P)
Here's the 4th page.
Which can only mean..
Oh boy, im excited for this. What do you think? Eagle? Magpie? I hope Snowy Owls come out! :D
Now for the new item! :D
Pretty neat, a bit humanish though.
I think 350 would have been a better price. ^_^
Wait, only MEMBERS can go skating? D:
Unfair. :(
Yesterday's item was the AJ wristband! c:
Credit to the Animal Jam Times
Reminds me of the real wristbands. ^.^ I think it looks neat on animals, its also nonmember! :D
Now, the adventures finally have seem to gone out of beta testing.
Yay! :D
Happy jamming!


  1. i bet its an ostich. that is soooo boring. I wish u could fly


  2. Hi Cloudclaws i feel your pain i have astigmatisim and nearsightedness to so i really have to wear glasses. but on the bright side it is fun!
    Happy Jamming!


  4. OMG FINALLY BIRDS ARE COMING. Birds are my favorite animals ^.^. finally adventures out of beta testing. I luv the new items

  5. Hi Cloud, if you check the Animal Jam Sky Blog, there was a survey on Everloop about the new animal. Turns out eagle won.
    ~ Snowystar

  6. Hi Cloud! Littlesnowy here can you buddy or send a request to my sister? sorry i haven't been online lately so much to do i cant even go online until 1st week of march.D:
    Happy Jamming and may penguins rule the world!!!!!
    ~Mistybreeze472 and Littlesnowyclaw123


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