Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ice Prison!

Click here to enter my contest!

Hey jammers! The 50 follows contest is finally here! :D Click the link above to enter. ^.^ Today's new item is the Ice Prison!
Credit to the Animal Jam Aqua, im too lazy to go back to AJ again. .-.
Pretty cool item is my opinion. ^.^
The price is pretty cheap too! :D I think an ice torch would look good next to the item, do you think AJHQ will re-release the Ice Fort Den and the Phantom stuck in ice? :3 
Here's a post about trading in the Daily Explorer!
 Very helpful for new jammers, but sadly, you could still get scammed by trading too. >.<
Don't you think AJHQ should post about how scammers scam and how to avoid them?
And the odd thing is, still no update! D: I guess AJHQ is busy these days...Orrr they are working on another EPIC, AWESOME ADVENTURE!!!!! :D
I really wanna see if Greely survived! And plus, we might go on a quest to rescue Greely if something happened to him! ^_^
Sorry for getting off-topic there, that's all for now jammers!


  1. I bet the update will be here this Thursday!

  2. cool beans


  3. I think AJ will release the update Monday or Tuesday with hard mode of Greely's Inferno and a new adventure


  4. Replies
    1. Really? Are you serious? That's just dumb.



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