Monday, 13 January 2014

Rare Spartan Armor

Hey jammers! Its rare Item Monday, which means today's rare is the Rare Spartan Armor. ^.^
It would make a fantastic costume with the Rare spartan Helmet. :3
What do you think next weeks rare could be?
I have been thinking a nonmember rare Head flower would be nice, the flower could be multicolored! :P Meanwhile, here's a post on the Daily Explorer about safety.
Remember to also watch out for scammers!
Now, here's today's Daily Mystery.
Do you think the phantoms will ever be defeated?
Will jammers and the shamans finally  defeat them, or will they lurk in Jamaa forever?
Feel free to share your opinions. ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. I hope Jammers defeat them...but there'd be no "bad guy" in Jamaa if they did. :D AJ still has to have a purpose.

  2. GOOD NEWS, I WILL COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG EVERY DAY!! Lol and today's item was too much like last weeks, obviously :D

  3. Well of there are no more phantoms there will be no point in the game. We just need to control them so they wont try to destroy the world.


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