Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hey jammers! So i have finally decided to remove comment moderation. ^.^
Meanwhile, today's new item are the skis, sold in Jam-mart furniture.
Is it just me, or does the word "skis" sound weird? o-o
Pretty awesome item though, don't you think? :3  I think its a fantastic decoration for any den. ^.^
I love the idea of how these skiing/snowboarding things are den items, they look great! C:
Anyway, here's the post about Spartan armors in the Daily Explorer. ^_^
Interesting picture for the RIM, and it looks good too. :P
I like how AJHQ puts a different description for every rare instead of the same thing like they used too, its actually worth reading now.
Now, time for the Weekly Question!
What new items do you think should be sold in Jam-mart furniture?
There are tons of items that would make good new furniture in the shop, if you could make your own item, what would it be?
Happy jamming! ^-^


  1. Jam mart furniture should sell stress toys XD LOL and yay a contest! Also the skis are AWESOME!

    1. It would be a walking stick a wand and the harry potter theme song for your den


  2. I forgot to put my user name..


  3. I like your new profile pic, Cloud! A Giant Panda, so cute. :3


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