Friday, 17 January 2014

Hockey Sticks

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Hockey sticks, sold in Jam Mart Furniture. C:
To be honest, im getting kinda tired of these winter sports items..Don't you think the next item should be something more imaginative? Like a frosty tree, it would look fantastic in a Ice Fort Den. ^.^
meanwhile, here's a new Jammer Snaps competition! :D
That's a great idea for the Jammer Snaps, What type of parade do you think
you will be making? ^_^ 
Also, im going to do a little raffle today. Pick a number between:
The winner won't really get anything, so its just for fun. :P
Jam on everyone! ^.^


  1. 7! :p
    Yes. BE GONE UN-EXCITING WINTER SPORTS ITEMS. Nobody likes you very much. :T

  2. 13 and i agree these items are boring unless you use them to make something like hockey rink and skiing lodge or something


  3. Ya the winter items are very boring ^.^


  4. I choose.... 18. And I can't wait to enter that jammer snaps competition. I hope I win for once...

  5. my profile pic (if you don't understand what it is O.o) is a character from a game BUT it never showed the full pic though WITCH WAS VERY ANOYING it is Nastasia from super paper mario.


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