Monday, 9 September 2013


hey jammers! Finally, we have reached 25 follows! which means i can now do a party! :D
But lets start with the Rare item Monday, the rare royal cape!

Rares have been so pricey lately! i really
want a cheaper rare :( Anyway the blankets colors
are great and it looks so warm and cuddly! :D im going
to buy it anyway. And this item has also been in the adventures before
it came out! ^.^
Anyway here are the details for the party! 
read C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y 

                  click to make bigger.

I hope you can make it! the 8000 views party had been cancelled because having 2 parties in a row would be weird. And its because we have reached 25 follows FIRST, our next goal is to get 40 followers!
Happy jamming everyone



  1. Yay!!!!! AWESOME!!!! got to attend it!

  2. Haha I was the 25th follower and second comment! -glamdiva101

  3. No >.< I was da 25th one >.<
    And.. you likve in sydney O.o? Didn't know...
    also here is a fact about kangaroos :D
    When the European travelers saw a strange hopping animal, they asked an Aborigine (natives of Australia) what it was called. They said this in English. The Aborigine replied " Kangaroo" meaning "I don't understand" (your question)! So there for it is called the kangaroo!
    Pretty cool huh? ;D .. Learned it myself :)
    ~kukky12345 (after school.. last class.. Geography.. in which we r learning about Aussie and New zealand.. Hope you enjoy your living in new south wales :D.. acctually school got over long ago.. bout' to go to bed now :|

    1. How did you find out? O.O
      Anyway i DO live in Sydney but im not a Aussie,
      i just live there. Though i will not be telling
      where i really am from because i don't share
      too much personal info. Anyway yes i know you where the 25th follower Kukky! ^.^ i knew from the start so don't worry ^-^


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