Friday, 13 September 2013

Arm brace

Hey jammers! Sorry for the late post >.< Anyway the new item if today is sold at the Medical center!

The arm brace! Pretty useful ^.^ i wish
there are medical stuff for nonmembers soon!
Anyway it seems like its autumn in Jamaa!

One of my favourite seasons! ^.^ Now jamaa is all
yellow brown and warm colors! :3 And i was thinking,
should i change my blog design? cause people are
changing them to autumn designs :D
Has anyone ever wondered if the big curtain in the Medical center
might be a shop in the future?

What do you think jammers? :D A furniture shop maybe? ^.^
And the party! 

Remember jammers! ^.^
Happy jamming everyone!



  1. SRRY I COULDNT MAKE IT!! >.< I have to perform a DUET in front of da WHOLE CITY!!! :O SO SCARED!! IT WILL COME ON TV TOO o.O peeps will be staring at me.. FREAKIN OUT RIGHT NOW!!My mom and friends keep telling me this :"Chill. It will be fine. Pretend like the peeps are NOT THERE" BUT MY BRAIN KNOWS THAT PEOPLE WILL BE THERE! >.<! Also.. In real life i am shy and get stage fright.. please wish me luck or i will die!! O.o

    1. O.O if it was me i would probably faint.. Anyway i hope it goes well! :( oh and you didn't miss it, its tomorrow!

    2. If it was me, I would complain No >:3 Or I'd hide ;-;

    3. You sound like me when I have to do something in front of many peeps

  2. Arm Brace O.O? WHOA WHOA WHOA, back it up Aj! Since when have chu got that idea? It's not wut I was expecting ;-; De new Medical Center -yesterday- Was crowded with millions of jammers o.o Too much drama *rolls eyes*.

    Autumn is a berry pretty season ^.^ With all the gold, brown, red, orange, amber leaves :D So beautiful! YEAH U SHOULD :3! Cuz it looks Summer-y lookin XD

    I dunno. But wut kinds of items AJHQ would sell? That's Medical. Maybe the green seats there? Or..... a sink that when u click it it turns on? Hmmmmmm =3


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