Sunday, 22 September 2013

Eye patch

hey jammers! im really happy right now because i had 235 views yesterday! :D
and 17 comments on the post! i don't usually get that many and also i reached 31 follows! ^.^

Thanks everyone, i never knew that my blog was going to be this popular! :)
Moving on to the new item, the eye patch!

Notice something? No? ITS NONMEMBER!! :D
i kinda did predict it was going to be nonmember
because usually after AJHQ releases a lot of member stuff the make
a nonmember item :P It's pretty neat in my opinion,
land animals can now wear eye-patches! ^.^  Maybe there will
be other pirate clothing for land?

Anyway, now for the mystery!

You probably noticed them before, they are in 
Chamber Of Knowledge. Its in the coca hut as well!

What do you think they where used for? where
they a kind of arrow that had special powers that
defeated the Phantoms? or something to do with Spirit stones?
Feel free to share your opinion!
Jam on! (should i use happy jamming or jam on?)



  1. Hey cloudclaws,

    I am so happy with today's item because it is nonmember (even though i am a member)today's mystery is pretty hard but that is good. Maybe the shamans use them to fight phantoms or guide new animals to jamaa?


  2. I think you should use both maybe you can do 1 week jam on and the other happy jamming.


  3. Soon your blog will be popular as Snowy's, te-hee XD! Your blog is AMAZING, nice, brilliant, wonderful, fantastico, cool, epic, and----- OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG MY DAD JUST GAVE ME BACON FOR BREAKFAST OMG >:O NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3rd comment =3 Little wore teh Eye Patch yesterday, so it kind of gave a little clue what the new item would be next >:D It's pretty cool, but your animals no-eye is showing o.o spoooooooookeh! Not expensive at all, goodie good :)! Hmm. Maybe a cape would be added? I dunno.

    I noticed da same thing :DD! Me and Mia talked about it long ago :3 We think it was Alpha Staffs! But 1 or 2 of teh Alphas didn't HAVE one. I think they have mysterious powers in them =3 I think they're made out of powerful rocks in the first entrance in da Chamber of Knowledge. When you go in, stop by the rocks. I think part of them are made out of that! Probably not Alpha Stones, because they were there before Alpha Stones were in adventures. Dats my opinion X3

    Use it like this: Happy jamming, and jam on jammers! XD

  4. Well if you notice.. those spears are in the hop (clothing shop) .. Also... I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! But i was so angry today >:O some of my friends were saying they were the first to post the beaded necklace and i was like no cloudclaws was.. and they said.. why are u trying to say snowyclaw -.- and i was like NOT SNOWY IT WAS CLOWDCLAWS! DX and then they said she probably has only one view cause' i never heard of her .. that is the time i lost it. COMPLETLEY! I started yelling at them saying " ITS WAY POPULAR THAN UR BLOG.. UR BLOG HAS NO FOLLOWERS AND SHE HAS MORE THAN 8000 VIEWS!! DX And then they told me I was lying because she thinks that her blog rocks >:O then i said.. " SHUT UP! Stop insulting her" They said a bunch of mean things which i will not mention (no offence please DO NOT GET SAD :( My stupid friend thinks because she has 1207 views she is popular PWEASE DO NOT TAKE IT TO HEART) so i defended you today cause you r one of the greatest bloggers of all time! well you see you may think why be her friend.. well when she isn't angry and stuff (she was in a bad mood today) she is totally nice :D and btw.. you can say both : Happy jamming, and jam on jammers! :D I wish my blog had more views... i posted horribly this weekend cause i was sick DX

    1. Thanks for standing up but i wasn't the first to post it, i think Kinyonga was but i posted pretty early ^.^ I wish your blog got more views too... i mean it's design and posts are great!

  5. Hmm, they looks sorta like Liza's stick, don't they? Maybe the alphas used them because of the stones' magical powers..O.O

  6. Maybe tomorrow's mystery can be in mt shiveer there is this ice piece with a seal on it if you look closely it looks like there will be new land


    1. mywebparrot,
      Good idea but actually got another
      idea but the next day ill do that
      mystery. ^.^


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