Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wind tail armour

Hey jammers! only one single more follow till the party so please follow! 
Today's new item is the Wind Tail Armour!

Sadly, i don't have any diamonds to buy one
but it looks pretty neat! I love it how the Tail armour
seems like its blowing in the wind ^.^
Anyway i know this is not AJ-related but
two kookaburras landed on my balcony today!
Here's a pic!

Okay i know people have seen birds other than pigeons
crows and other birds you see everyday but ever seen one on
your balcony? because this is my first time seeing them THIS
close! :D They look fluffy, don't you think? Animals seem
to like my balcony.. i don't have any bird feeders or stuff :P
Happy jamming!



  1. First commentzo x3!

    Hehe it's EPIC. I'm gonna be really sad, only got 0 diamonds in my pocket! I-I'm crying, crying to buy it, I'm really so sad D: <--------- XD JK!

    Aww those Kookaburras look so cute! How did u know their bird type? That's amazing of u to figure out :)! Iv'e been very close to a bird before, but I never figure out what type they are. Oh an, I'm a feather collecter! I have LOTS of feathers (^.^) I get them everyday by the bus stop, waiting fur de bus! Anyway, gtg now! -Piano- Bai Cloudeh claw!!!


    1. I don't know how i figured it out :P
      I guess i heard the name "Kookaburra" from somewhere and decided to look at Google images to find
      out what it is ^.^ And the reason a posted this
      is because i rarely see these birds in the streets.

    2. Oh XD Cuz u seem pretty smart to me in real life :3


  2. SIX

    1. YAYZERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3 I wonder how AJHQ will celebrate it in Jamaa :DD! I hope they'll have the same AJ Birthday they had last year, it waz super cool and fun ^.^!

      Oh an, u forget de silver chain necklace is in stores o.o I check AJS XD (Nu offense)


    2. *and *checked

      And that waz to Cloudehclaws bout the silver chain necklace XD


  3. The kookaburras look adorable :D lucky you :3


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