Monday, 16 September 2013

Rare police hat

Hey jammers! sorry for the late post, i didn't really feel like it :I
Moving on to another subject, here are my reactions when
i saw that i had 28 follows.

My new goal is to reach 40 followers, should
i have a contest next time? ^-^
Anyway time for the rare item Monday, the rare police hat!

Oh yay a nonmember, and not over 700
gems! :D and colorful! pawsome ^.^ it should
be called rainbow police hat! :D cause its so 
colorful, the most colorful rare in jamaa's history!
Anyway i discovered a glitch for the medical center! :P

The kangaroo is me :P its actually quite simple,
first you stand near the door, switch animals and go
to the door when your switching! this works on any other entrance too! :D
Happy jamming!



  1. There is another glitch there too. Check out my blog today! I will post it :|

  2. Can anyone trade me soon a rare police hat I can't still enter AJ because the screen always appears up gray every time D:. amd cool! I wonder what that place holds

    1. Hay Windy ^-^ I bought another police hat fur u!!! I'll trade it right away when I see you :3

  3. Since my dad isn't home yet, I want straight on here to see today's post, so I don't consider it late XD

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you =^.^= Okay, I might be wrong but is the backround ur faces in, Jamaa Townships stone? And iz it bye Jam-Mart-Clothing? Te-hee, just a little guess X3 I hope we can make teh 40 goal! That would be AMAZING. :DD

    Berry colorful and bright :)! Now scammers/bullies/hackers should DEFINITELY watch out for polices wearing those hats >:D But.... one problem. It looks related to the OTHER police hat, like this: Go click your animal profile, click "Shop", click teh NON-rare Police Hat, and change the color 4 times. Only members can do it though :C

    Stuck in da door? XD Pretty AWESOME!

    At school I was the first person to make my AR goal :D! I get to go to the party, it's going to be super fun and EPIC, YIPPEE (No bragging)!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  4. When will there be good rare item Mondays again?


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