Friday, 20 September 2013

Cone Collar

Hey jammers! why isn't my blog getting comments lately? are my posts becoming boring? :C
Anyway today's new item is the cone collar sold at the Medical shop!

Pretty useful for your pets or jammers that
like to roleplay pets.^.^ But won't pets be misrable
not being able to move their necks? D:
Now for the mystery...

There's a trapdoor in The Chamber Of Knowledge.
What do you think it is used for? do you think
that someday, someone will discover the key and
find all of Jamaa's hidden mysteries? or is it a place
to trap phantoms? Feel free to share your opinions!
Jam on!



  1. katsumawhitefang ANIMALJAM20 September 2013 at 03:27

    well i am not real famous but try doing more you tube videos and tell all yourbuddies about your blog and they will tell their buddies and so on :-) anyways i will comment as much as possible :-)

    1. Thanks for the advice ^.^ i will
      try to as much as i can.

  2. It's mywebparrot here i am new to this blog but i really like it so far honestly.:)

    1. I'm glad you like my blog. ^.^
      I don't have a pet but i would really like one :D

  3. In my opinion the locked door is a place with hidden mysteries,maybe alpha secrets things?

    P.S. I was born in 2004 too,and I own 2 birds A Senegal parrot and a Cape parrot


  4. Awwzies! Don't feel bad ^.^ I'm sure a million trillion infinity x infinity jammers LOVE your blog! Don't be upset, and keep posting! Always note that your friends are here, Cloudclaws :)

    We had Cross fit today in P.E >:( Reminds me of my neck and everything hurting ;-; We went through 34 stattions of exercise! It was HORRIBLE. Lifting weights, running around teh gym, steppers, burbees, bear crawl, etc D: IT HURT SO MUCH! Glad were doing pacers next time instead :D

    Hmm. Where they keep ancient diamonds, gems, gold >:D? IDK XD Dat would be AWESOME though =^.^= Meow. X3

    1. Thank you everyone. ^.^
      I feel sorry for you about the Cross fit :(
      I hope the weights weren't too heavy D:

  5. I was it was an ice cream cone instead of a cone collar

  6. I know I don't comment on your blog a lot, though I followed it and each morning of the week,even school days, I check your blog before I eat my food even before I check anything else. -glamdiva101. ~Smile!


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