Monday, 23 September 2013

Rare Skull Helmet

Hey jammers! today's Rare Item Monday is the rare skull helmet!

Yay! 500 gems! ^.^ cheap for a rare :D
It has a nice color combination, grey and purple
go pretty well ^_^ It's sad how most Rares are member D:
I haven't seen these in stores before, are they beta? ^.^
Anyway, now for today's mystery!

When i was just walking in the Chamber
Of Knowledge, i noticed this genie lamp!
Do you think there's really a genie there? or something
else important to Jamaa? hmm..What do you think?
Happy jamming and Jam on everyone!


  1. I 100 percent like your blog.Wow these mystery's get us thinking (I mean that in a good way) . Hmm...maybe the genie lamp helps the alphas in emergency's ? I love today's item i already bought it.Well,this item isn't exactly beta,it comes out at Halloween.Maybe you can host a party on aj if you get 10,000 viewers?


    1. @mywebparrot,
      I think so! ^.^ it would be hard to get that many though,
      but ill get that much someday! :D

  2. Hmmm maybe it is a beta O.o? And maybe that ISNT a genie lamp.. it could be that zios's spirit is in it ? O3O that may be.. but it would be wierd.... but he did promise mira that he would come back! :D

  3. katsumawhitefang AJ FAN23 September 2013 at 13:31

    theres a huge problem with beta rares so , some people dont know the rare has cam e out yet and so someone trades them it for a good item and they accept thinking its a beta rare and go to the shops later to find it! and about this fman122 is he a virus i had nightmares about him last night where me and my fave friends on aj hid in cosmos den XD i have really weird dreams

  4. EEEEEEYAY :3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iv'e always wanted a Skull Hlemt/Skully ever since I heard about them ^.^ Who cares if it's a RARE one? It's still COOL AND EPIC!!! I made a new look and design for my fox out of them! They were SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME XD

    I think wut's in dat genie lamp ish......... nothingness X3 Cuz it might just be for decorating, but idk =3 That's wut makes mysteries so epic, u never know XD

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