Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gold chain necklace

Hey jammers! sorry for forgetting to post about the silver chain necklace,
thank you  NyanChocoa for reminding ^.^

Pretty nice! :D it seems to go with anything!
and its NONMEMBER!!! Isn't it more grey
then "silver?" It looks like ordinary metal
not silver :P Anyway now for today's new item, the gold chain necklace!

It costs more gems and is members 
only because its gold and everything. To be honest,
Even if im a member im sick of seeing gold stuff for members
only. Anyway like the silver chain necklace it looks more like plain
yellow then gold :P Maybe AJHQ ran out of gold paint? XD
And now for the daily explorer!

My favorite ocean pet is the jellyfish! I also like
the seahorses ^.^ Whats yours?
Happy jamming!



  1. LOL AJ ran out of gold paint :P And yeah I forgot that I had to post the silver chian necklace today XDDDD also can you visit my birthday party cloudclaws?

    PS: you can follow my blog now if you want I put the follower button XDD

  2. 2ND COMMENT!! XD!! I am making an aj show!!! Called " Cheer Up" check my blog for the theme song! Btw I STILL LOVE YOUR BLOG!! You deserve to be famous like snowyclaw or julian2

    1. Agreed! Yeah she deserve to be famous ^.^. And ohhhhh i am checking your blog!

    2. Congrats ^-^

      Welcome, but it's not really me! Remember? I saw it on AJS. It looks like dark gray to me XD. If it t'was silver, it would be light, SHINY gray. Eeeeeyup, and de Gold Brick ish 10,000 ;-; Poor gems. Have to be spent on everything by a lot of jammers XDD (Nu offense). >:O THEY DID!? *Donates buckets of gold paint to AJHQ X3* LAWL!

      Hmm. Hard to say, but I agreed =^.^= Jellyfish and seahorse :D, Their both cute critters!

    3. Yup! She deserves to be famous, but no jammers following everywhere she goes. It's annoying ;-; One time a friend of mine wouldn't stop following me, and when I locked my den or did something, she would be always waiting fur me at a place. o.o

  3. 25 ppl!! I mean members on this thing *cough cough* -glamdiva101


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