Monday, 2 September 2013

Rare aviator hat

Hey jammers! As you see, i have changed my main animal to a snow leopard! But i still like my bunny and snow leopard the same though.. Anyway the Rare Item Of Monday is the rare aviator hat!

It isn't too bad, i like the color but
Rare Mondays have been pricey lately..
I wish AJHQ would do more of the original rares
like Freedom bands and the Cupcake hat.
Has anyone wondered what will this land be named?

I am looking forward for this land to come ^.^
What do you think will it be named? when do you
think it will be discovered? feel free to share your thoughts! :3
Happy jamming!



  1. First comment :DD!

    Snow leopard? COOL! Mine ish meh cute fwuffy bunneh hehe =3

    YAY! My favorite rare out of them all ^.^! It's EPIC AJHQ, I <3 it!!!!!!!!! I made a new look fur my bunny with it! Ish de clothing glitch still on? Hummmm o.o Well then! I have noticed that pricey rares, too! ;-; Us jammers can't take it anymore XD

    I thought that empty land would be Kimbara Outback. But..... half of dat land would be freezing so, maybe that's why it couldn't work? Still, a land there should come. Meh x3


  2. 2ND COMMENT! AND YOU SO LUCKEH THAT YOU GOT MEMBERHIP! But I like your bunny better that your snow no off.! :D


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