Saturday, 21 September 2013

Beaded Necklace

Hey jammers! Like my new blog design? I think It looks better with all the warm autumn-y colors ^.^ I Also putted some rules below the comment box so no one breaks any rules.
Anyway, today's new item which has been seen at the adventures 
before is the beaded necklace, sold at jam mart clothing!

Pretty neat! ^.^ it seems to go with anything :D
I like how AJHQ is making more Jamaasian items
rather then human-y items :D I never imagined it
to be 450 gems though.. o-o
Anyway now for today's mystery, noticed by ilovecutechihuahuas/Nyanchocoa!

In canyons pathway on the stone, is a odd-looking 
target circled in red. Why is it there? and who
do you think put it there? what was it used for? 
Feel free to comment and share your opinion!


                                                      P.S like my new signature?   


  1. Hey cloudclaws,

    I think the circled thing is a signal for the alphas and maybe you can make a club like a no scamming club or something like that it could include a pledge.


  2. Wow, I've never noticed that circle before. O.O

  3. Woa man! You changed your blog to autumn... not that i dont like it!! ITS AWESOME :D!! 1. love the beads 2. love you! lol
    hey.. wanna be buddies in aj? O.O FORMAL QUESTION.. NOT FORCING YOU :P

  4. O_O Big issue gonna start here.. Thats not nice btw... The "secret" is killing me! My friends say he is probably just bluffing.. but then.. she did not post today.... O.o so.. remember on snowy's blog!! that guy knew her secret O3O

  5. Oooooooh it's pretty =3 Autumn colors ROCK! Also, I love the bunny on your header ^.^ especially his wittle mouth XD!

    The Beaded necklace is cute :) And it's not to girly! I'm buying 3 different colors of them X3 Hehe!!

    Well, I thought one phantom found Mira's secret hiding place to hide Jammers who didn't want to fight, and targeted that spot, but before he could hit it, jammers bit him all over and killed him >:3 XD

  6. wow!! love the background :) Its so cool that your getting more commenters :D

  7. good news : it said 5 people were reading with me and even on snowy claws blog it sometimes says 0!

  8. madarus the best non member jammer ever!21 September 2013 at 16:31

    Hi I am Madarus I am buddis with xxmangoxx who is a famous person kastumawhitefang is my big sis and she is great friends with xxmangoxx that could help with your popularity? :) have a good day!

    1. Madarus,
      Thanks,I know mango! ^.^ one of my buddies is
      friends with her :D She's really nice :)

    2. madarus the best non member jammer ever and katsumawhitefang the best member jammer ever!21 September 2013 at 16:38

      cool! who?

  9. madarus the best non member jammer ever and katsumawhitefang the best member jammer ever!21 September 2013 at 16:36

    Hi me again XD with a very long post its ok if u dont read it but it has some interesting bits in it so yea its me madarus and me and katsumawhitefang have an older sis who is in grade 12 and shes a HACKER :O its scary and yea I dont go on animal jam much but katsuma gets worried so she stays on .. me and kastuma wish to be famous on animal jam but our parents dont really let us sadly and cloud claws can we please be buddies and i changed my name a bit see?

  10. madarus the best non member jammer ever and katsumawhitefang the best member jammer ever!21 September 2013 at 16:39

    I have told all my buddies about your blog so has katsuma :)

  11. Hi , Ive been told from Madarus about your lovely up to date blog and it is lovely and up to date!! i am record12345

    1. Thanks Madarus, Katsumawhitefang and Record12345!
      i never knew my blog was going to be this
      popular! ^.^

  12. snowflake JELLY FOX XD21 September 2013 at 17:02

    whoa 14 comments!

  13. You have a very sweet blog. I'm following it. ^.^
    Thanks! Play wild!

  14. awesome new design cloud! I love the design ahhhh remembering meh fav season autumn ;)


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