Thursday, 12 September 2013

Medical center!

Hey jammers! it was such a huge update that half an hour passed till i finished the screenshots! Anyway lets start with AJ's birthday gift!

Thank you AJ :D i knew nonmembers where getting very sick
of the bunny burrow. Now nonmembers can get to see the 
pawsome new adventure! :D
Anyway best of all is.. THE MEDICAL CENTER IS BACK!

 Im so exited! :D lets take a look!

Not many stuff here but there's a shop! ^.^
Lets check it out!

They all look a bit.. weird.. don't you think?
Now.. the other great news is that the adventure shop is here! ^.^
And adventure invites.. i love the idea!

Since the shop is there, lets check it out!

Caged phantoms! :D pity there's one nonmember item..
The adventure base camp has changed yet again.. but now here's
a new adventure..

I like the looks of this one.. it looks so dark and mysterious
i just can't wait for it! And there isn't a member lock on it.. maybe its
for nonmembers?
And now for the birthday cake! the code is AJBDAY3!

Its a Mt. shiveer cake! get it?
nevermind.. Anyway happy jamming
everyone i hope you enjoyed the update!



  1. I get it ^.^! Mt. Shiver was the 3rd place in jamaa

  2. Lol I was remembering the past where there was a medial center and then the next day it came :O. :D -glamdiva101


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