Friday, 6 September 2013

Turquoise Ring

Hey jammers! i like my bunny and snow leopard the same but which one do you think i should use for my profile? ^.^ Anyway today's new item is the Turquoise ring!

Turquoise ring, Turquoise necklace,
Turquoise bracelet, they all make a great
combination! ^.^ And best thing of all is that its nonmember!
Sorry nonmembers that your not aloud to wear all of them
but at least this one is nonmember! ^.^
Anyway i noticed that the leaves on my tree are
turning even browner..

Autumn is coming in Jamaa! while spring is coming
for me! ^.^ Don't be sad though, autumn is fun too! 
Happy jamming and have a great day!



  1. Aww, too bad summer has ended.. :'(
    And I think you should go with your snow leopard for your picture, at least for now... then maybe change it after a while...?


  2. BUNNEH. But always try out new things, such as a Snow Leopard fur ur profile pic =^.^= The Turquoise ring is beautiful and matches! It doesn't really impress me though. I noticed something strange, the rings in Epic Wonder (most of them) are non-member. I wonder if non-members admire rings? XD LOL!

    Yep! I am SO excited! The leaves beautiful Autumn colors, flowing down everywhere. Animals leaving for a warmer place, all that fun stuff. It's hard to imagine it's already fall, year 2013 o.o It must be sad that your in a different season, while everyone enjoys the other :( At least chu know what it's like in ALL da seasons ^.^ But, it's strange probably to you, when it's Summer there, and Winter here! Like, when Winter comes. I'm not judging u though.

    ~NyanChocoa :DD

  3. It is raining season here! We don't have fall and spring here only 3 season :'( though fall is my favorite season because of da beautiful leaves and the wind XD.


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