Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pirate hat

Hey jammers! Today's new returning item is the pirate hat!

I knew the new item would be something pirate related ^.^
What do you think is next? :D I wounder if the golden
pirate hat will be out soon.. Oh and its pretty cheap!
Now for the post on the Daily Explorer!

I have a feeling this is actually going to become super rare :P
Now for the Daily mystery, noted by mywebparrot!

I'm sure many of you have seen this cave before,
but ever wondered what's inside it? And where does it lead?
perhaps to a new land, what do you think the new land will be like?
Feel free to share your opinion!
And here's a random picture of a rainbow and waterfall i made
in AJ's art thingy :P

Okay, i may not draw well on the computer
but it looks pretty cool, don't you think?
Happy jamming and play wild!
Note: Daily mysteries may not be everyday or else ill run out of mysteries
but they will be posted occasionally.



  1. YESH IT LOOKS AWESOME! :D had fun talkin' to u on aj! :D

  2. Are you kidding?? That picture looks amazing! You are an artist!!

  3. Hmm maybe that is the penguin or seal alpha home?Hmm maybe for one mystery you can do the blocked cave by the ice?


  4. Wow you are an a amazing artist (I could never draw like that) . I found a good mystery in temple of zios in the center the zios thing is broken


  5. Sorry that i spamming you with these mysteries it just i on aj right now and don't want to forget later nice mysteries. In coral canyons pathway there is this rock with a deer on it


    1. mywebparrot,
      Don't worry, your not spamming ^.^
      Thanks for the ideas, ill post them soon!

  6. Chocolate chip cookies >:( Chu can't wear both of them! The eyepatch AND the Pirate Hat D:

    I think it's where Harper da seal lives >:3 I mean, think about it. Jammers have dens, and Alphas have homes! Make sense :DD? And, it might be open soon! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, we could explore it! It'll be so fun and EPIC woo hoo XD! Oh, and the mysteries I told chu 'bout, can u not ALL post them? I want to share them with http://animaljamcloud.blogspot.com/ too :), my buddies blog.

    That's very PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^ With all da shine, water, trees, rainbow, sky. It's beautiful! No need to point out mistakes :D It's berry peaceful-looking! -Pats cloudyclaw on de back X3-

    1. @NyanChocoa
      I wasn't going to post ALL the mysteries you told me ^.^
      And Thanks Nyanchocoa and everyone else for
      liking my drawing! :D


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