Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sapphire Birthstone

Hey jammers! today's new item is a part of the birthstones since its the 1st day of September..

The Sapphire birthstone! I have been
wondering if AJHQ will do the same thing with
the birthstones next year ^.^ It kind of looks like a lock..
don't you think? ^.^ Anyway here AJHQ's latest post!

I think all the Jam-a-grams a receive are summer
jam-a-grams. o.o
Happy jamming!



  1. It's ocean blue and berry pretty :3 Good thinkin AJHQ, good thinkin XD My fave jam a gram ish de seal, and stamp is purple hooves x3 Well ya, they kind of ARE all summer. HAY! I got an idea fur ur name that chu post on every post :D change it to something fall in fall, winter in winter, spring in spring, and summer in summer! XD

    ~NyanChocoa p.s first comment!

  2. I love this... It's so beautiful!! I bought, like, 3 of them!!!

  3. OMZ!! Why did 14 people vote "I hate it" on the poll over there ----> !!!
    This blog ROCKS!!!


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