Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wind amulet

hey jammers! today's new item is the wind amulet! 

Pretty cool! I think silver would have suited
the wind armor's color though ^.^ What part
of the armor do you think will come out next?
Anyway Outback imports is decorated with
with items from the shops, but there are items that aren't released yet..

What do you think will come out next?
What will they be named? Share your thoughts
if you want to! Jam on!



  1. First comment ^.^

    The Amulet is AWESOME! I'm going to save up fur de next armor coming out, or..... maybeh da helmet. Starting out with 0 diamonds ;-; Poor meh :c

    Hmm I'll comment my ideas later, sleepy right now!


  2. They r probably gonna sell pots,paintings, maybe even clothing items and other things I guess.Yay! I have enough diamonds though I won't be able to go on AJ for a while so that means I am probably a nm right now :I -glamdiva101

  3. Here we go x3

    I think the items decorating Outback Imports will come out, or more wood-carved things ^.^ Also, notice pawprint on the blue plate? All of the pots, plates, and vases have cool designs :DD But.... u never know wut dere gonna be called o.o

    @glam Then while chu still have time, like when chu get on again, use ur diamonds fur a new animal, problem solved tada XD!!!!!



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