Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Giant kangaroo plushie

Hey jammers! today's new item is the giant kangaroo plushie!
Credit goes to snowyclaw, i don't have much time at the moment >.<
finally! :D now kangaroos and enjoy their giant plushie ^.^
and pretty neat design! 

Here is the epic den of the week!
Credit goes to snowyclaw
that is pretty neat i have to say ^.^
Jam on! oh and remember to view and follow! ^-^



  1. Looks cute and hug-able ^.^ That den looks pretty epic :D I'm tired for da day.... so much happening o.o Got into fights, friends removed me, a huge amount of friends come into my den at da same time O.O I bet that was just a dream :)

    ~^-^Chihuahua~ -Who will be ~NyanChocoa tomorrow XD

  2. I love your name NyanChocoa! XD the plushie is super cute XDD but i don't have any diamonds DX

  3. i got scammed by snowball19180 :(

    1. Aww :( i hope you get your items back!


  4. katsumawhitefang AJ FAN17 August 2013 at 19:03

    Hey! Ur turning out to be a GREAT friend :D! ok i got a pirate sword and i was going to send it to u like i promised then GOLDENSTEM scammed it she scammed my headdress aswell though i got a new ones! Your buddy, katsumawhitefang


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