Sunday, 11 August 2013

police hat

hey jammers! yay 6188 views! halfway through to 8000 views! and 16 follows ^.^ Today's new returning item is the police hat!

yay nonmember! =D 
though i don't remember them being 
this cheap.. O.o
Anyway here are the clearance items! be sure to get
them before there gone!

Jam on!
P.S like my new header?



  1. I love da new header XDDDD cute and adorable XD Peck. New item is awesome XD...
    ~Windysnow on da I pad

  2. Aww Peck looks so cute ^-^ Your header ish AWESOME =D! Meh... the Police Hat isn't really special to me, but I bought a purple one anyway XD Second comment!


  3. katsumawhitefang AJ FAN13 August 2013 at 01:04

    Still think bout the meandchlo hacking situation..............


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