Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Teacher's desk

Hey jammers! 7038 views and 22 follows? Great job everyone! im starting to feel a little famous now :D Today's new item is also part of the back to school collection and had been hanging around in the adventures for a while..

Nicely done ^.^ Its funny how schools
in AJ aren't getting more popular though..
Anyway here is AJHQ's post about the Rare Nerd Glasses!

AJHQ always seems to post a bit later than me ^.^
Anyway the poll, Do you like my blog? has reached over 100

53 jammers voted on totally
33 voted of course!
19 voted its ok
30 voted a few improvments would be nice
and 11 voted i hate it. The reason i put "I hate it" is because i wanted to
see if my blog was actually bad :P thanks for being honest guys! im glad most people like my blog! ^.^

Happy jamming



  1. Should I change my website domain??? To animaljamclash.blogspot.in ??

  2. I put totally :) AJ is putting so many school items in the shops :I summer goes by so fast -glamdiva101


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