Tuesday, 13 August 2013

rare cool hair

hay jammers! sorry for not posting. okay i forgot sorry :I. Anyway today meandchlo said i hacked HER and her dad will email AJHQ and i wont have my account anymore. okay i have NOT hacked meandchlo at all and i have never hacked IN MY LIFE. i told my dad about this and he said she is probably trying to scare me.. oh well i don't feel so scared now.. so lets get on with the (not very) new  item!

Credit goes to Kinyonga
okay. i can tell this rare is not very popular and 
i dont like it much either
(no offense :P) 

Now, i have noticed there is a dinosaur on AJ trapped in
ice in Mt shiveer... 

look close in the darker blue..
here it is outlined in red if you didn't see it

What is it doing here?
When did it came here?
How did it get trapped? 
Why is it there?
Was there other dinosaurs in jamaa a long time ago?
tell me your best theory/story!

Anyway remember we are going to have a party when we reach 8000
views or 25 follows! so remember to..

                                                  Jam on!  


  1. Maybe she wants your stuff back again o.o Shes just lying =3 (and shes jealous XD)


  2. katsumawhitefang AJ FAN13 August 2013 at 13:07

    Ok i neva knew there was a dinosaur o_O ya what chihuahua said shes jealous :P and i know the rare is so ugly though i have it anyway XD


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