Thursday, 1 August 2013

peridot birthstone

hey jammers! the new item today is the Peridot birthstone  sold at the 2nd 
page of epic wounders!

i guess they want to keep the shaman statues on the front page ^.^
Its perfect if your birthday is on August! i also love the colour of them 
but i wish they would make the birthstones nonmember DX
Anyway 40 views yesterday! not much as yesterday but we are almost halfway there! ^-^

Jam on!




  1. First comment :3
    It looks so beautiful :D Yeah I wish dey were non-member too :( I think chu can get to 6000 views on here X3!!!!!!!!!


  2. Replies
    1. It looks like crystals in a banana =3


  3. @cloudclaws
    I'm so so so so so sorry that your headdress and worn are gone D: I know how that feels, t's horrible and sad :( I hope chu get your items back! It was epic to see u wearing them... I hope meandchlo looks horrible in them :D! Shes just a ugly, mean, scammer :P

    ~^-^Chihuahua~ P.S Hope chu feel better!

    1. *it's and *an XD I have to watch my spelling dere o.O


    2. yeah,sorry cloud but be happy we are your friends and we are here when you need.:D


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