Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Stack of books

Hey jammers today's new item is sold at Jam Mart Furniture!

Nonmember! :D I prefer the beta stack of books
but this one is pretty nice too! you can change the 
amount of books by clicking change colors!

You can have just the right amount ^.^
And here is the epic den of the week!

Only 3 more follows till the party! keep viewing also :D
Jam on!



  1. Yay finally a blog with today's item I searched a lot to find a blog with today's item

  2. Gj cloudclaws with the early post :D Unless it isn't early where you live but it early here. :3 I had a feeling stack of books would come soon.

  3. ��These stacks of books are awesome! I wish I had a stack like that! -glamdiva101��

  4. katsumawhitefang28 August 2013 at 13:51

    LOL I have a stack of books in my bedroom in real life! Anyway someone was trying to scam... not much people knew they were out and the person said "trade me real fair"! and then someone traded the, fox hat then the bunny realised the books were in store and asked for it back but the scammer had left D:

    1. It happend to me and then at the end I started laughing at myself! Lol- glamdiva101


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