Monday, 26 August 2013

rare nerd glasses

Hey jammers! today's Rare Item has been hanging around in the adventures for a while.. its the.. *drumroll* Rare Nerd Glasses!, found at the 2nd page of jam mart clothing!

Wow, i had never excepted this item to be so 
pricey! it looks kinda awkward on other animals,
don't you think? ^.^ And a good thing about this item is that 
its nonmember!  Anyway there is a cave in the Temple Of Zios.

We all know the cave is in the Temple of Zios
but where does it lead to? could it be a shortcut to Jamaa
like the one in Mt.shiveer and Crystal sands or something else?
What do you think?
Jam on!



  1. Wow the nerd glasses looks soo good for school.Nice blog it's pretty neat! Add me if yo want. -glamdiva101

  2. katsumawhitefang26 August 2013 at 13:15

    Hey bff! All my friends at school wanted nerd glasses but they didnt have any gems so now all my gems are GONE and all my friends are wearing the glasses :|

  3. Your blog is clearly CLAWSOME! Hehe, if you want to use that whenever you think an item is cool, you can. ^3^

    I also just bought the Rare today because of what it may turn into. You never know, right?


    1. Thanks! I bought the rare Monday as well ^.^


  4. i wish i would have bought them i am still trying to trade for some today they are cool xD :'( ;'( ;)

  5. HMMM...... i wonder where it leads to it's probaly a place that is forbidden where there is lots of phantoms scary....

    ------ from learining princess

  6. Hi everyone you see a chest behind the chamber of knowledged lol ok so the cave ones in the temple of zios and i was wondering if who knows how to get the lost key because the lost zios chest and the lost key and i wonder where is it


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