Friday, 23 August 2013

Meet cosmo!

Hey jammers! im sorry for not posting yesterday, anyway today's update was great! :D but lets start of with the returning item ^.^
The shell helmet!

 I thought these would become rare ^-^
so many items returning ^.^
Anyway the update was.. *drumroll* the new adventure!

This adventure is pawsome but is a little too difficult for me..
im stuck in the 3rd cavern where you rescue the koala.. Does
anyone have some advice? ^.^ 
Im so happy that i finally get to meet another shaman!
here is Cosmo in the adventures ^.^

And here is he's den! 

                           more! :P


i hope nonmembers get to see his fabulous den soon ^.^
happy jamming!



  1. The new item is AMAZING! I put it on my penguin, it's a match, yippee ^.^ I did the adventure with Wolflover, whose username is now RainbowCat1. So... I kind of forgot, sorry :(! And today was my first try. School =.= I LUV SCHOOL XD! First comment :)

    ~NyanChocoa REMINDER AGAIN! It's meh, ilovecutechihuahuas =3

    1. Don't worry i know your ilovecutechihuahuas :D

    2. :D YAY! I thought chu didn't XD


  2. They should so sell Cosmo's green house den to all Jammers! o-o


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