Monday, 19 August 2013

Discovery of Kimbara outback

chapter 1
May woke up, hearing her alarm clock. She looked at the calender, today was the day they would discover a new land with Cosmo! She couldn't wait to meet Cosmo! She looked at the clock and relised she was late, she got ready in a rush and zoomed to the Appondale. The koalas where waving good bye to all the animals of Jamaa, luckily May came just in time. That was close, we where almost leaving! said Chestnut, one of her friends. And so, they set off. The group of koalas walked for a long time when finally they got to a  Eucalyptus forest. Cosmo stood on a rock looking for any water for his thirsty koalas. Not far there was a small stream.

 Cosmo sent his koalas to drink if they where thristy, alot of the koalas went to the stream but some stayed. The koalas explored the forest all going in different directions. Cosmo ventured deep into the forest looking around every once in a while just in case he discovered a new animal. May and Chestnut ventured even deeper into the forest. they walked and discovered lots of new creatures until they say and eye spying on them. "looks a bit familiar..." said Chestnut. it is a bit familiar.. said May. It went closer to them until a roundish shape was visable. is that a.. phantom? said May panicking. run! shouted Chestnut, the two ran as fast as they could until they stopped, puffing and panting.

is it behind us? asked May. No, i don't think so. panted Chestnut. Meanwhile Cosmo had discovered a new animal in Jamaa, Cosmo knew what it was- a kookaburra. he wrote a short information report about it. He returned back to the stream and ordered all the koalas to come. he stood on the rock saying, We have all done very well on our exploring, has anyone discovered another part of this forest?"  "I saw a place with red rocks and a stream" said May. "I only caught a glimpse of it though." Lead us to where it is. said Cosmo. May led all the koalas to the land she had discovered feeling proud of herself.

May stopped, this was the land. the Koalas went closer to the land, it was Dusk now and the koalas where feeling exhausted. The ground was red and there was a small waterfall which kept the river flowing. Cosmo and his koalas had a drink first and then slept under a Eucalyptus tree.

chapter 2
The sun rose up. May and Chestnut where the first few koalas to wake up, it was 5:00 AM in the morning. "What shall we do?" asked Chestnut. "i don't know, maybe look around for a new animal?" replied May. Yes! said Chestnut. They explored looking for a new animal for Jamaa. Then they saw something greyish eating grass. The thing saw the two koalas and hopped to them. "what are you doing here?" it asked. "We set of on a quest to find a new land and this is the new land we had found." answered May. 

And who are you? im Misty and im a grey kangaroo! She said. "Im Chestnut and this is my friend May, the rest of the koalas are still sleeping" she told Misty. "We are looking for a New animal for jamaa" May said. "is there other animals in Jamaa besides kangaroos and koalas? Misty questioned. "Of course! there are lots of places and animals in Jamaa! said May. Well then could we possibly be the new animal? asked Misty. Of course! replied Chestnut. "Okay ill ask my leader of thats ok once everyone wakes up" said Misty. As the time passed every koala was awake, Chestnut and May told they had found the new animal to Cosmo. 

Chestnut and May went to Misty. "So did the leader say yes?" asked May. yep! said Misty we will go to your group of koalas. The koalas and Kangaroos went to Jamaa township, The kangaroos learned lots of new things from the rest of Jamaa like the shamans.

The End


  1. :O -Pats Cloudclaws on back- EPIC story ^.^ I hope to read the next part soon, becuz I can't wait =DDD! Chu know why? Becuz ur a PAWSOME, EPIC, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, GREAT, WRITER! And there's no mistake I sense, even in spelling :)


    1. :O this story is great i read it like 10 times i love it! i want to be able to post blogs.. but for now my mom only lets me post comments :(
      - Anonymous

  2. AWESOME! I can't wait to read more stories of yours =D


  3. Love your stories especially this one

  4. I like this story but you said "the koalas where exhausted" not "the koalas were exhausted" where is like where are you we're is like were you tired ok? Sorry to mess your story up.

  5. -claps- so epic wonderful storehh...u r the aj best writer of i have relleh bad grammer......but epic story its epic!


  6. come on i kind of like it but hated it at the same time

  7. Are you making more legends/stories/whatever Soon..?

  8. That was Imeeting why ya git blue stone? Oh at git sorry it'd got


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