Wednesday, 31 July 2013

pet monkey plushie

Hey jammers! Wow, 61 pageviews yesterday which is a record broken on my blog! keep up the good work guys =D I also can finally take screenshots again! Anyway, today's new item is the pet monkey plushie!

seems like i was right, AJHQ was too busy to make the smaller one ^.^
Its better then the giant one and much cuter! 
Remember, the smaller it is the cuter it is!

Anyway here are the posts on the Daily Explorer!

i wounder if there will be a nonmember den
 on the epic den of the week..

Jam on! ^.^



  1. Good job on da views XD!!!!!! First comment ^.^
    Aww the pet monkey is soooooo cute dat I wanna hug it and hold it in my paws :3 The bigger it is, the more jammers can see it, and yesh, the smaller it is the cuter it is X3 Non-member dens can't though D: It's really sad, and I wish they could! But some non-member dens are better then members XD


  2. Wooooo second comment! x3 I bought 3 little monkeys, but I donated them all to a friend for her nm store. My den inventory is about 297. I'll need to make the hard choice of what to delete again soon. O.O
    And I agree with Chihuahuas, nonmember dens can sometimes be epic too! :)

    1. Congrats X3!!!!!!!!! I wonder when I'm going to buy the tiny monkey o.o Once I save up for more tickets then it cost ^.^
      My den inventory is almost full too..... I better recycle something soon .-. And buying little monkeys fur yer friend is SUPER nice :D!



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