Friday, 19 July 2013

Friendship braclet

 sorry if i didn't post yesterday, its night time here when AJHQ updates and i thought it was something like 8:00 PM when it was 10:00 PM (my bedtime.)

Hey jammers today's new item is the friendship braclet, sold at jam mart clothing!

Its nonmember! ^.^ a great way to show what good friends you are! :3 I would have liked it if it had some other designs but it has pawsome colours! Anywho, guess what just happened tonight/today?







wow.. this seems to be my lucky day! ^.^ 3 diamonds from the daily spin : now i can finally buy myself a tail armor! ^.^  I hope some of you who haven't got diamonds from the daily spin get some soon!  ^^ Also please email me your artwork, my art blog seems to be just sitting there, i promise i will put in your artwork as long as it isn't offensive or violent. 

Happy jamming! ^.^




1 comment:

  1. :O CHU SO LUCKY XDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never seem to get diamonds in the Daily Spin anymore =P
    I hope I do =(^.^)=

    ~^-^Chihuahuas~ P.S First comment .!.


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