Thursday, 11 July 2013

phantom portal

Hey jammers sorry for not posting 2 days straight here are the reasons:
 Wednesday: laziness-sorry won't happen again :I
Thursday: was out all day at Sealife aquarium.
Also 15 followers! thanks AJ skyways once we get to 25 follows we will have a party! ^.^
Anyway today's new item is the sand palace ^.^

not a very big fan of this item but i have to agree
with Snowyclaw that it does remind me of Aladdin! ^.^
Also beta testing has ended and a new adventure is here! (which is being beta tested at the moment)

i tried this adventure out a bit and couldn't find the phantom door.. a glitch perhaps?
or AJHQ made it a bit hard to find this time ^.^
Also beta testing had ended so nonmembers will finally get to go to training grounds and return of the phantoms! ^.^

the shocked face on the phantoms are so funny XD
and im glad that beta testing is over so finally nonmembers can have fun at the
adventures as well ^.^

wow i thought there where 200 of the phantoms remaining in jamaa O.O
do you think they will be gone completely? then there would not be any adventures O.O
Anyway Cosmo seems to have succeeded on his quest! ^^

what do you think the new land will be called? do you think it will be an outback environment or something else?
Jam on!


  1. No idea, I guess, but I'll say its probably an outback area or a koala forest area.

  2. I can't wait for the new land, and I really like the new adventures!


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