Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Really weird glitch

hey jammers sorry for not posting yesterday i was out all day and was SUPER tired. anyway nothing is new and i decided that my goal is to reach 25 followers! ^_^ if we reach our goal we will have a party! and i also added what time it is on Animal Jam River so you don't get confused for future parties. i will put in the details as soon as we reach our goal! anyway ill edit this post if there's a new item =P bye for now ^.^

  i have noticed some new posts on the Daily explorer about awesome jammer art but still no new items =P


if AJ updates later ill already be in bed so i might not post.
anyway while i was checking my storage account cloudclaws1 this weird glitch popped up..


they all say avatar name (exept for my real account)
weird huh? and i should post yesterdays item.. 

picture credit goes to Kinyonga
 Freedom bunny plushies! ^.^ they look more like puppies to me XD

Anyway Happy Jamming! ^_^


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