Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cosmo's story

Chapter 1

One day a brown koala was born in the outback in a eucalyptus tree, he was the only brown koala in his family is mother father were grey like most koalas. he also didn't sleep 20 hours a day like most koalas do he was always doing something. And so they named this koala Cosmo, Cosmo had an interest in plants he wished they could move to a big forest with all the adventures you can have and explore. After a few months Cosmo heard a weird noise coming from nearby, he looked down and saw the humans where cutting down the tree! 

mom dad come quick there cutting our home down! shouted Cosmo, his mother and father came instantly. Quick we have to climb down before we fall! said Cosmo's father. they climbed down quickly and set of to a journey to find a new home. after a few hours they found another eucalyptus tree to rest. mother? said Cosmo yes dear? said Cosmo's mother. we are going to move to a forest aren't we? questioned Cosmo. "im sure we will" she replied. 8 weeks later they finally arrived to their new home which was called The Blue Mountains. It was a cold place with a huge eucalyptus forest, so huge that the moisture the trees breathed created a blueish purplish haze which gave its name. Of course it took some time for Cosmo to get used to the cold conditions, even if it was cold it rarely snowed.

So Cosmo had many adventures in the forest, he made some friends and explored. And so, Cosmo grew up in the eucalyptus forest happily. One day Cosmo woke up to see that frost and snow had covered everything. wow! thought Cosmo seeing snow for the first time. the snowflakes floated gently down, Cosmo climbed down and stepped on the ground. It felt cold, but soft like cotton. Cosmo called all his friends to have a look and they played lots of games, snowball fights and making Snowkoalas. the snow didn't last long, it only lasted about 3 days but Cosmo and his friends had heaps of fun. Cosmo grew up and decided to become herbalist, he became the most famous herbalist that the koalas had knows. he teached other koalas who had wished to become a herbalist about being a herbalist. 

Chapter 2

A long time later Cosmo was sleeping at his tree. he heard powerful flaps of wings and woke up. he climbed out of his home and looked around, a blue-grey heron, a spirit made out of light landed in front of him. who and what are you? questioned cosmo. im Mira, zios the sky father and i have been watching you, you have something special inside. You have been chosen to be the koala shaman of a land called jamaa. Mira took Cosmo to Jamaa and landed on a forest. This is your land decorate it and make it a fun and a educational place said Zios. they both disappeared into light, Cosmo looked at the new land and decided to name it Sarepia.

The end


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it ^.^! Hope chu write another story soon :D! They're all so fun to read :)!


  2. Why not you make a Story about Sir Gilbert, and Graham?

  3. i hated it snowy claws was way better

  4. Nice story.....


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