Monday, 29 July 2013

real musketeer boots

hey jammers! this is your last chance- do we have a 121 posts party?
anyway the rare item of today is sold at jam mart clothing!
Credit goes to Kinyonga i still can't take pictures sorry
The other ones were fake??! O.O im sure this is the weirdest rare
item Monday ever in Jamaa history.. Well at least you can change its colours! ^.^
and it does look more like musketeer boots..

Anyway here's a random drawing a did on the AJ paint thing!

Not one of my best =P
Jam on!


  1. real rare ^.^.... and anyway cute pic you drew XD seals look pawsome!

    1. also i am new here hi cloudclaws your blog is EPIC XD

  2. The Real Musketeer Boots are AWESOME ^.^ They finally give us a rare that chu can change colors with ^-^ but VERY expensive o.O Cool drawing chu did c=

    ~^-^Chihuahua~ Btw first comment X3!!!!!!

  3. katsumawhitefang AJ FAN29 July 2013 at 13:33

    Lol cute pic :) wanna catch up sometime :D my sis is banned from computer for week for getting caught kicking me!!! XD

  4. I didn't actually realize you can change its colors. That is kind of cool, I'll admit. :)

    Also I like your drawing! :D Cute seal! And is that a Mola mola in the background??? (or Sun-fish, in English) XD

    1. yes its a Mola Mola but there really difficult to draw..
      also thanks everyone ^.^


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