Thursday, 25 July 2013

new land & kangaroos

Hey jammers! great update today =D the new land is here!

this land may be small but its pawsome! ^.^
also see that building? looks like the medical center
will be returning! Heres a sneakpeak of it just in case the room is full

anyway as the title says, kangaroos are here!

now all the other jammers can get a kangaroo! ^.^
they can be sold at the diamond shop for 10 diamonds but i cant
see much kangaroos roaming around so i guess most jammers don't have 10
Also, the koalas have returned!

I noticed that more people are using koalas ^.^
good to see some koalas! the prize is pawsome too :)
also Cosmo seems to be going on another adventure

i think he deserves a rest for a while it must have been a
hard journey ^.^ And i cant wait to try the hard mode out! =D
Anyway there is a kangaroo exhibit at the muesem at the appondale ^.^ 
Now the Jamaa map seems to have changed..


I liked the old one better, this map is messy D=
also, if there is a new land where is it supposed to go?
Anyway the new item today is the phantom shirt!

Jam on!


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