Friday, 27 September 2013

Night Of The Phantoms

Hey jammers! im so so so so sorry about not posting yesterday :( It's hard work posting everyday, im sorry. Anyway, the Night of the phantoms is here!

I wouldn't exactly say it was a silly celebration But
it sure is fun! ^.^ Bats have also come, and even though
it says where they are sold on here jammers are still asking me 
where i got the pet bat.
Now for the best part! *Drumroll* THE HIVE IS HERE!

Yay! :D i really do feel sorry for the nonmembers because
it is indeed, a very fun adventure, but it makes my computer 
laggy :( Anyway, i do have a few images for the nonmembers! ^.^

Yes, you get to meet GREELY! but you only see him once.
And here's the phantom king you battle at the end!

He is REALLY big O.O And after you defeat him,
Cosmo says that we might not be seeing the last of the phantom king
so the phantom king might later reappear, and you level up ALOT! :D
And the elephants are finally back!

Yay! ^.^ and pet tarantulas are also coming back!
And the other great news is that a NEW animal is coming!

SPOTTED and FAST, hmm i think it's a hyena or a cheetah!
Or maybe a leopard? not the snow leopards but like the normal leopards?
Like there's wolves and arctic wolves in jamaa. Whatever it is, im
so excited! ^.^ Now, for the new item which is the spiked mohawk!

Pretty cool! i like the way its rainbow ^.^ but the other
colors are just single colors :P 
Happy jamming!



  1. It's fine if you post late it just important if you post it.

    P.S Animal Jam made my idea with the king phantom.


  2. you have great blog!!!! love it!!!
    Yeahhh i aggred with you that new animal will be cheetha ;))
    and today's item is soooo cool only bad it's for members ;(

  3. To be honest it would be cooler if they didn't have any similar animals maybe they could make a parrot the flys or maybe a hippo?


  4. hey ! remember we played the hive together?! its soooooooooooooo fun :D cant wait until 1st october!

  5. loveeeee your blog!!!



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