Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bubbling Cauldron

Hello! ^-^
There are two new items today, lets start off with the Bubbling Cauldron sold in Epic Wonders. :O
best item i have ever seen in a long time
The glowy effect looks epic. o.o
I am definantly buying this. :D
Even though it wastes a while lot of your gems. xD
But still, it's worth it. :p
It looks great in any den, especially the Haunted Mansion. c:
Moving on, the second new item is the Phantom Coffin in Outback Imports! :D
Check below the link for more!

What's that on the cover? A half phantom half bat hybrid?
Cuz remember the thingies in bitter sweets . . o-o
But it looks look though because it's half phantom half bat. xD
But also waay too small. o.o
Anywho, when i was going to the Diamond Shop today, i hovered my mouse above to see how much diamond i have, aaand . . 
just wat
how can i get that much
it's impossible

Did AJHQ sneakily gave me extra diamonds? Hehehe :P
But nup, i have not brought extra diamonds so im pretty confused.
Also, AJHQ has also started a new comic, you may have heard. c:
Pretty cool. The drawing style is so cute. ^-^
What do you think the animal could be? It might be a joey, or a brand new pet. :D
But perhaps this might have something to do with bitter sweets. The mysterious figure, maybe? c:
Anyways, the fashion show entries have been sorted out . . 
 Click to enlarge
However, there will be no voting today. If you have entered the fashion show and want to change your costume, im giving you two days to tell me your animal's name if it has changed. ^-^
Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What do you think happens next in the comic?
Bye! :D


  1. COOL!!!! wait how did she get pelt for her name 0, 0 it a seekers and warriors joke pelt is a last name for warriors and in seekers pelt is fur.

  2. I didn't know there was a contest. Oh well I'll just watch :) I like the bubbly cauldron, I think I shall buy it. XD

  3. I think they find that weird thingy with the white circle thingies, plus i thin he stole the candy! wait no duh he stole the candy probs a phantom. btw love the new items, but in so low on gems!!!!

  4. i'm stocking up on epic wonders items than transferring them to a storage account so when the sale is over i'll have rlly good items !


  5. I love AJ's official comic! The art style is so cool! What do you guys think?

    Anyways guys, if you're reading this thanks! I know lots of you never read it cuz you know it's gonna be "READ MY BLOG" sort of thing. BINGO! You're correct. I do the same thing too. :P I work on a blog too, inspired by SnowyClaw and my friend, Scooter. I'd be very greatful if you took the time to check out my blog. It'd be pawesome! If it's not too much, leave a comment! Thanks, guys!

  6. Cool! I was gonna join but i don't have an email


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