Thursday, 30 October 2014

Vampire Mask

Hey jammers! ^-^
The returning item is the Vampire mask, sold in jam-Mart clothing!
Meh, i never had been a fan of this item, mainly because it doesn't "fit" like the zombie mask . . it looks awkward when it's flat. o-o
The dripping blood looks a little creepy to me, but the bat is a nice touch. ^-^
Anywho, here's another episode of the AJ comic! :D
Check below the link for more!
"I think i ate too much candy" 
But im a ittle confused on the "How is that even possible?!" part. What's not possible? o-o I dun get it. :p
Moving on, you know that pathway in Jamaa Township?
It seems to lead to this hut, which i believe is Liza's house.
Soo, wouldn't it be cool if we could walk along the path, and then go inside Liza's hut? :D
Lastly, here's the Fashion Show!
Oooh, only three jammers left! Aren't you excited? :D
Vote a jammer out!
Bye for now. ^-^


  1. I vote out fairy berrypaw

  2. Flora Quietcat

  3. i vote out fairy berrypaw

  4. I vote out fairy berrypaw

  5. I vote Flora Quietcat out.

  6. I vote out Flora QuietCat

  7. I vote out Flora Quietcat

  8. I vote out Fairy Berrypaw

  9. ur right froggy eating too much candy is NOT possible Halloween is tomorrow im going to be gorge Washington flora quietcat


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