Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bat Balloon

Hallo. :D
The new item is the Bat Balloon, sold in Jam-Mart clothing! ^-^
Is it just me or is it strange that this is adorable? xD
That little smile is super cute owo
80% cute, 20% scary . . 

Cute-scary? :P

Now because this item is awesome, i need to make a costume. XD
The bat balloon looks scarier here than it does in the stores, floating in the air and stuff.
Still cute though. :3
 Why do i keep using "cute" so much? o-o
Lol. :P
 Anywho, moving onto some other stuff, you know the Mysterious Figure in Bitter Sweets? Today there was a hint on which animal it was . .
Check Below The Link For more!

So we know he/she is an animal . . but why can't he/she give out who he/she is?
And is there another word instead of he/she? xD
And also, THIS . . 
Mwah-ha-ha is an EVIL laugh . . :O
So, could this "mysterious figure" be working with the phantoms? 
What do you think Jammers?

Moving on, there's a brand new Diamond Challenge! ^o^

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 4.48.19 PM
Here's an example of what your snap should look like:
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.18.41 PM
 O.O Yikes!!
Better enter now. :P
I think the Diamond Challenges are an awesome way of helping jammers get diamonds . . especially nonmembers, since they don't get the weekly gifts. ^o^
Lastly, i'll leave you with the QOTP . . 
What's your favorite mini-game to play in Jamaa?
Bye! :D
Cya tomorrow. C:
PS. River Art has been updated! Click here to see the new artwork!


  1. The balloon is oretty cute actually

    1. ikr. That bat balloon is pretty adorable! c:

    2. I love the bat, too so adorable


  2. That's what I was gonna say. XD

  3. There are some more new items...

  4. That balloon is ADORABLE!!!! :3 Me need it!!! And my favorite mini game is the phantom vortex :3 Its really hard for me though, I almost through my laptop when I couldn't' get past a level! -~DogLover1230~-

  5. The balloon is ADORABLE! It's about the cutest thing i ever seen in AJ!!!!

  6. its cute and i like teple of trivia my buddy likes overflow she is cutekittymeep

  7. My favorite Mini-game is Splash in dash and Falling phantoms.


  8. Ugh my sister will not let me get on the computer she says it is not my turn yet

    -Lilly 87795

  9. Oh yeah. For the question, my favorite mini-game/arcade game in AJ is probably Best Dressed. And Temple of Trivia (I think it's called that) and Falling Phantoms are a close 2nd and 3rd. And probably after that is Sky High. Yeah, I like lots of those little games. XD

  10. The highest level I've got to is 11 :O :D


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