Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Eyeball Hat & Other stuff (not really..)

Hey guys! ^-^
Today's post was meant to be early, i got a screenshot of the new item ages ago but then i sorta forgot about AJ for about an hour . . heh . .  
The new item is the eyeball hat, sold in Jam-Mart you-know-what-it-is
(The clothing shop, dur!)
Ah yes, one of AJ's favorite Night Of The Phantoms item. :D
It looks super creepy, but i just like it for some reason . . 
Anyone ever feel the same way about some items? :P
Also, does anyone remember if there was a RIM for this item? I think there was . . uhhh yeah i 
guess. . ?
Eeek, i just got distracted again. >.<
I have actually been away for at least 15 mins now lol
Check below the link for more!

There's no DE post today. :T
But anywho, i have been thinking about posting something new on this blog, other than updates.
I have been thinking about starting up a new series of posts called A guide to Jamaa. It will explain many commonly asked questions by jammers. :3
Still not sure about that though, what other stuff do you recommend? :D
Your ideas would be really appreciated!
Lastly, here's the fashion contest . . 
The top four! :D  Aren't you excited? :3
Vote a jammer out!
And that's it. End of the post.
Pretty short today. o-o
I couldn't find anything else to post. :P
Bye! :3


  1. Hey I know I haven't been commenting lately but i read this blog everyday so I don't want you to feel like I don't read this anymore? I vote out the arctic wolf

  2. I vote out Fairyberrypaw. Sorry! Hey Violet, I'm going to be coming to your party...so I'll see you! :)


  3. i vote out princess shymoon

  4. I vote......... Princess Shymoon. Sorry!

  5. fairy berry paw. why is everyone voting out princess? she should win.

    1. Well, they're dressing up nature-like and princess has a bow on and that's used for, well, doing bad stuff to animals.......X3

  6. I vote out Flora QuietCat Sorry!!

  7. I vote out Flora Quietcat. Sorry! :(

    This is a hard decision now. All of these outfits are so nature-like! :)

  8. I vote out princess shymoon

  9. Vote out princess shymoon

  10. I vote out Flora Quietcat. Sorry

  11. I vote out flora

  12. I vote out Flora Quietcat.

  13. I vote out Princess Shymoon.

  14. I vote out Princess shymoon, sorry!

  15. i vote out princess shymoon

  16. I vote out Princess Shymoon. 'Cause... well, she has a bow on and that's used for.... well, yah.

  17. Flora Quietcat. sry, i vote you out


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