Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Big Mysteries #5: Where did the alphas come from & why did they used to be called Shamans?

I can't seem to find the new item. :I
I have been searching for AGES. Also, AJ keeps doing little "updates", but nothing really changes. -_-
Perhaps the new item will come out later. But right now i don't have enough time to wait, so that's why im posting about another Mystery today, about Alphas. Starting off with: Why where they called Shamans before going on their "journey?"
You see, when AJ first started, the Alphas used to be called "Shamans."
The Shamans where the same character of course. Unlike nowadays, they appeared in Jamaa and you got to chat with them. Cool, right?
Anyway, the Shamans begun disappearing as time passed. Eventually, the Shamans where nothing but history.
Much, much later, in about 2013 and 2014, AJ introduced the Shamans as Alphas. In the video: Return of the Alphas, Liza says that "we have returned from our journey."
So perhaps they went on a journey to fight the phantoms, thus gaining them a new Alpha status?
But this raises another question . .
Where did the Alphas FIRST come from?
The Video, Return of the Alphas basically says that the "Alphas came and rescued Jamaa From the phantoms."
A very simple explanation, but how did an ordinary animal become an Alpha?
Well, perhaps not ordinary . . perhaps they where born as alphas.
But of course, before all this they weren't really Alphas. By that, i mean they didn't know they where Alphas.
But, why did they come to Jamaa?
I think the Alphas where born with powers, yet they didn't *know* they had powers. And they where also not born in Jamaa, but on Earth in their natural habitat. 
I have written legends about how the Alphas came to be, many other jammers also have too. But AJHQ themselves never explained their stories. Perhaps they left it for our Imaginations? Hmm . . 
 How do you think the alphas came to be?


  1. Yes, it is me, just not signed in :P

    Shamans were renamed Alphas because -SOMEONE- emailed AJ HQ saying that Shamans, according to the Bible, were evil, wicked, witchcraft-y and should be burnt at the stake.

    1. Hello Kinyonga! :)
      It's been a long time since i saw you . . o-o
      Anyway, yes, i *have* heard of that. But i still wonder why Shamans would be evil though . . strange. Very strange.
      But you can still get creative though. :)

  2. It's TOTS OBS They were created by Mira and Zios to come when they were despretley in need. Liza was the leader then a new leader came along Mira and zios' son Magical Spiritwolf he prooved himself the best of the best...

  3. The new item today is the October birthstone

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm................................................................... GOT IT! the alphas were born, as you said, in their natural habitats and as children, loved to expore. When they came across Jamaa and showed how adventurous they were, Mira crowned them as Shamans. How they all met up? Its as simple as they ran into each other on their adventures.As there skill and knowleadge grew, thay were sent on a journey to face the phantoms to prove their bravery. Once Mira saw what they had done, she crowned them as ALPHAS, not SHAMANS anymore. The End. hope u liked it my first comment story ever.

  5. it talks all about the where the alphas come from in the AJ Book Guide thing, the one that came out in the summmer

  6. Other AJ sources say that they came from a faraway land, but considering the backstory the video, the adventures, the daily explorer and the jamaa journal give, um... I don't think so.


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