Friday, 10 October 2014

Spooky Rug

Hey! c:
The new item is the Spooky rug which is sold in Outback Depots. :3
It looks very crumpled up, but still nice. :P
But wait, that means that the store is selling crumpled up rugs. >.<
*irons rug*
That's better. xD
It's a good thing that it's nonmember and cheap though. ^.^
Im buying this for my Night Of The Phantoms den. :3
It looks pawsome! :D And crumpled . . but still aweshum. :3
Check below the link for more!
Tons of new posts on the Daily Explorer . . including a new comic. :O
But lets just have a look at the newest safety post. ^.^
That piece of artwork is adorable! :D
Why do artworks in the safety posts have to be so cute? xD
Good advice on the trading though. Some jammers flip out when you decline a trade . . *sigh*
Lastly, on to the QOTP! :D
What are your tips on safety? What things should jammers improve on?
Anyway, i gotta go. I would post more, but i just feel sick now for no reason. >.<
Bye! :3


  1. Not spooky for me at all! >.<
    Btw, you know, it's so sad when you have to freeze just before the end of an adventure. That happened to me today. :(

  2. nothing is spooky about the spooky rug

  3. not spooky at all ( .) ( . . )
    but it looks kewl i never give out passwords ever i only trade items i am wiling to give up i never use swear words aka bad words

  4. Whoa! Epic background! I love it, so cool. And honestly, I'm just glat the new item is NM. *throws confetti in the air*

    1. Woah What a cheap item *Sigh* Le phantoms took it and chrushed It I guess

  5. Oh, and Cloud, one question. After u take a screenchot of my animal for the fashion contest, can i change my outfit? On the animal i used, i mean.

    1. Sure! ^-^
      Do you want me to change it now?

    2. No thanks, i think i like mine the way it is. ;D

  6. AJ is WAAAAAY too strict on their new chatting restrictions. I was finnally on at the same time as u cloudclaws. I wanted to let others know and when i tried to explain what your well known for it didn't post my message. it said something like we did not post this because we didn't like it. that is not EXACTLY what it said but you get the point

  7. i clicked the spooky rug once and it fell in some sort of hole then i clicked it again and the rug came back.... is that supposed to happen?


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