Sunday, 26 October 2014

Big Mysteries #7: Phantom Ship

We all know the sunken ship at Kani Cove, but look behind it and you see the symbol of the phantoms.
And inside, we see even more evidence that the ship belonged to the phantoms.
So it's clear - the ship once belonged to the phantoms, but what's the story behind it all? Why did it sink?
To answer that, lets take a look at the journey book prize won in Kani Cove.
Could the phantom ship be the one in Kani Cove? It's possible, but take a look at the kani cove's ships flag. It's all white, no grey or phantom sign. Also, the ships built is more like the "Jamaa" ships one, fancier and more colorful.
Which makes us wonder: Did the phantoms steal the ship from Jamaa?
It could be possible, since to me the ship looks more like Jamaa's ship - however to some of you it might look more like the phantom ship.
Or perhaps this is an entirely different ship - but we know that long ago, perhaps the ships of Jamaa and the phantoms battled together. What do you think?
Check below the see the fashion show!

Precious snowycat is out!
Vote a jammer out.


  1. i vote out juniper shiverpelt

  2. I vote out juniper shiverpelt, too

  3. What are they dressing up as?

  4. That's a really neat theory - and good idea on the costume contest! c:

  5. Juniper Shiverpelt, it's ovious

  6. Flora Quietcat

  7. Ok. So phantoms are/were either sailors, or they hijacked the Jamaa ship. XD

    And now for ze voting! :3
    I vote out Flora Quietcat. You did great!

  8. Flora Quietcat

  9. I think ajhq put it there for decoration :twitch twitch: I vote out flora quiet cat I had a bday party with loads of candy!!!!!!!!! :shuger rush:

  10. I vote out juniper shiverpelt

  11. have my own reason at this link:


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